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My First Shipper Vid
Yup, what the title says.  It's for Teyla & Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis.  Am I the only one who wanted them to get together???  Enjoy and let me know what you think please.
Music: "Fade into the Background" by Ne-Yo
Spoilers for Seasons 1-5

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Hope it's okay for me to leave a comment, as I really enjoyed your vid and what an absolutely perfect choice of song! And you put together the images with the words beautifully! Thank you for sharing, esp such a nice JT vid (and no you are far from alone wanting these two together).

It is perfectly fine for you to leave a comment. I want them all, constructive criticism, praise, kudos, all that jazz. Thank you so much, glad you liked it! And very glad to know I'm not alone in wanting this relationship between them two! I love Ne-Yo & thought the song would really work well with them two. Thanks again!!!

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